She Loves Her Dog by Corrie Jones

Do you buy the Pocket Life life kits and then wonder what you are supposed to do with the cute cards because you don’t actually do pocket life scrapbooking? So, this is sort of me. For real. I do not scrapbook in pocket pages but I always buy the pocket life kits because of all the awesome embellishments! I tend to accumulate the little cards though. Sometimes I will use them for my daily to-do lists or put one in my girl’s lunches with a sweet little note on it, but seriously, I have a lot of cards. When I get creative, I do try to use the cards on my pages and usually do this by cutting them up and using them as embellishments or small pieces of patterned paper.


On this page, using the September 2019 Hip Kits, I used my favorite heart punch and the pocket life cards from the September 2019 Pocket Life Kit to make cute little heart embellishments. I simply layered two punched hearts from the cards and one punched heart from the vellum that came in the September 2019 Cardstock Kit together and then ran each stack through my sewing machine.


I love how these embellishments turned out!



How do you use your pocket life cards??

Thanks for stopping by y’all!



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