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Embellishing your Project Life or pocket style pages can be pretty fun and today I am going to show you three ways you can do that using the July Project Life Kit!

Enjoy Summer 1

  1. Embellish Your Photos:  Adding embellishments to your pictures is a great way to fill in that negative space, draw attention to something special, or in this case, hide an unattractive part of the photo! The top right hand photo was a pretty great action shot of my troop trying out fresh juice at our local farmer’s market, but there was an arm stretching across the photo! Yikes! Whatever the case, consider clustering a few embellishments together. I went with a fun chipboard piece and an acrylic word to create a nice title for the photos.  Something else to try to do, is to anchor the cluster. I went ahead and ran the chipboard piece through the sewing machine, but adding a staple or paper clipping an embellishment down would also work.

Enjoy Summer 2

2.  Decorate a Blank Journaling Card: One of the things I love most about the Hip Kit Exclusive journaling cards is the variety and I especially love that there are cards to fit all of my journaling needs whether I want to keep it sweet and simple or add more to the story like I did in the above photo.  However, just because you have a card with lots of writing space it doesn’t mean you can’t add in some fun embellishments. When deciding where to place embellishments, you can take a few different approaches. You can cluster or place a single embellishment in the middle of the card and journal above and below it; you can embellish in the top or bottom third of the card; or you can take a diagonal approach like I did. Whatever it is you choose to do, finalize your embellishment placement prior to journaling. I like to take a pencil and trace lightly around the edges of the embellishments that way when I run the card through the typewriter I know where the words cannot go.

Enjoy Summer 3

3. Make a Filler or Title Card:  These are always fun to do and are great way to tie in the other embellishments on the page. I paired a bold background with a soft floral chipboard piece and a small alpha.  This contrast in color helps keep the card from fading into the background. I also stitched the chipboard down to anchor it like I did at the top of the page. By repeating elements you up the cohesiveness of the overall layout.

I hope I have given you some solid ideas for adding embellishments to your own pages and look forward to seeing them!

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