December Documented with Corrie Jones

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it is already 2018? Where did the year go? I am so thankful for a hobby that documents life, events, people, etc. I can look back on what I created over the last year and remember so many fun things. And now I also have an album all for the days leading put to Christmas! And it is FINISHED! It’s my December Documented album!


A little truth for you. This was the most difficult project I have ever done. I don’t think I did it “right”. I feel highly critical of how it looks, not necessarily in a good way, and I learned that I will not do it again. But I have it finished this year and there are some great memories in it.


For this project I used the 2017 December Documented kit, the 2017 November kits and the 2017 December kits. I tried to focus on one story a day but sometimes I didn’t really have one, but that’s ok.


Some days needed a double spread and others did not.


And I realized too that one daughter is in it more than the others. Well, she is the youngest and is with me the most.


I did like how this project reminded me to take pictures of things. And I have a new found appreciation for my iPhone which was the source of about 90% of the pictures in this album!

This is just a fews days of my album but be assured, it is all complete. If you are working on your December Documented album, keep it up and finish it! You will be so happy you did!

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