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Hello lovely people – Felicity here today 🙂 I’m excited to share a different layout with you all. I was given the task to use ‘alpha stickers’. Now let’s be honest, when you open the Hip kit July kit, you squeal a little at all the exclusive alphas uh!

You try and think of the longest title ever, so you can use many of the exclusive alphas as possible, right?  Yeah? Well, I have a confession! ** Goes to her knees.. Tee hee **

If you take a look back a lot of my work you will see that I actually dont seem to title my pages with alphas. Its rare. *insert sad face*


You know why? because my pages are generally so full of embellishments and mixed media that when I go to add a title, it just doesnt look right. So I opt to use the embellishments in the kits for my title. But also, because I end up saving up the alphas because I love them so much! Not good uh! 🙁

So, I was so thankful for this task, because it broke down the brick wall. I had to use them and boi was I excited too! To get out my ‘silly’ mind, that my pages are to busy for big titles, I decided to incoprate it with the papers and make it part of the embellishing.

I mixed up all the alphas in the July kit and am so happy with the layout. I pushed myself and made myself, yes I did fiddle and um and argh a lot, but it was so good to be outside my comfort zone and do something creativity with alphas.

So, i challenge you to be creativity with alphas, think about what holds you back and try it. Is it mixing the alphas up? Is it long titles? Is it not feeling like you have something to say that would make it appealing?

What ever it is, I would love for you to try. Load your pages to the forum for me to see.

Remember us designers get inspiration from you too 🙂

We LOVE your work in the forum 🙂


Just want to also share a cute Project life page using the July Project Life kit.

I love creating a Project life page all about their birthdays. When creating birthday spreads, it can be a little tricky to get the balance right.

Heres a few tips to help you, hopefully create a birthday page.

Tip 1:  If you have photos that a rather busy and perhaps not to appealing to the eye. Change the photo to black and white. This will  help the photo be a little more appealing because there is not so much ‘clutter’ going on.

Tip 2: Limit the amount photos in the page, create a double page if you have too. Add in lots of blank spaces by using the exclusive project life cards to break the page up. Often with birthday spreads, we can have a lot of photos and moments to docuement. Dont try and jam it all in one page or the page will be simply to busy. Think ‘ Less is more!’

Tip 3: Dont forget to record your journalling. Be as creative as you can, add it the photo, a card beside the photo or hidden journalling. Even save some wrapping paper or ribbon from the day and pop that in behind your photo. Memorbilia is just important as the photos and journaling too!


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