Meet Shara Crane

Hello crafty friends! My name is Shara Crane, I am a South Florida girl, married to an Australian man and we have two lovely boys. We met while working at a sleep away camp up north.  I worked in the circus department and he in ropes course. We had our first son in Perth, Australia and lived there for a year before moving back to my home state, Florida. We love the sun, the water and our mango trees but I have to admit I am always jealous of all the beautiful photos of the seasons far and near.

Along with paper crafting my hobbies are tie dye (I own a DIY tie dye business), aerial silks (I teach kids at a local dance studio), I love to cook, I am an OTF girl (Orange Theory Fitness) and go 4 days a week but truth be told…UGH…I would rather be crafting LOL. I want to learn EVERYTHING crafty, EVERYTHING! I figure I am only 36 so have plenty of time to do just that, hehe.

I found a new love for paper about two years ago via HappyMail. My favorite things to make are banners/bunting, embellishments, 3D SVG files and mini albums/tagflips/flipbooks. I was never a traditional scrapbooker but I used to rip out the Steve Madden adds in magazines (remember the ones with the big heads?) and glue my friends heads on them and make mini collages as gifts. I have ALWAYS loved stickers. I still have my first sticker albums, filled with fuzzy, glittery, oily and scratch n sniff stickers (the “sniff” part is long gone) that I never use but just can’t let go.

Thank you for taking time to get to know me a bit. I can’t wait to share my work with you and hopefully inspire you to get crafty.

xoxo, Shara

You can find more of my work here….