Meet Krystal Becker




Hi Everyone! My name is Krystal Becker, and I live in a small, rural college town in Indiana with my partner of nearly 20 years and our four furry children (two dogs and two cats). By day, I work as a librarian at our local public library and by night I sing with a local jazz band. I pretty much spend all of the rest of my time drinking coffee and scrapbooking.

I’ve been crafty my entire life, and I’ve been scrapbooking in some form or another since high school (way back in the 90s). I usually describe my style as eclectic; I love trying new ideas and techniques! But in all my projects I tend to stick to a clean look with lots of white space and minimal color palettes.

I’m a huge fan of the Hip Kit Club kits, and I’m beyond excited to be a member of this team! As a new member, I feel incredibly honored to be amongst such amazingly talented women!


You can find more of my work here:



Yo Momma by Krystal Becker


Gather Outdoors by Krystal Becker


Our Happy Place by Krystal Becker


Ring Bearer by Krystal Becker