Meet Kim Watson- DT coordinator


I live on a mountainside with my family, in a beautiful seaside suburb just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Life next to the ocean, surrounded by nature gives me an endless source of creative inspiration. My pages & go to techniques are texture, layers, color and, of course, my trademark stitching. I am privileged to have been working in the scrapbooking industry for 12 years in many capacities, for many of the well known brands in our industry, as a designer, writer & graphic design with product/ collection development. What I do is my passion & makes me excited to go to the office every day.

I have been designing for Hip Kit Club for 4 years now & have loved every minute of working with the creativity that arrives on my doorstep each month. The kits are masterfully coordinated, making my job of capturing my special memories, a cinch.

Find more of my work here:


Dear Diary by Kim Watson


Dear Diary by Kim Watson


Working Mom by Kim WatsonKimWatson_Working Mom_HKC01

You Strike a Good Pose by Kim Watson


You are my Sunshine by Kim Watson


Door Hangers by Kim Watson


Happy Little Moment by Kim Watson

KimWatson_HappyLittle Moments_HKC01

Boys will Be Boys by Kim Watson


Hello Summer by Kim Watson


You are Something Sweet by Kim Watson

KimWatson_You are something sweet_HKC01

Bff’s Forever by Kim Watson

KimWatson_BFF forever_HKC01

Icy Treat by Kim Watson


Night on the Town by Kim Watson


Full of Joy by Kim Watson


Oh my! by Kim Watson