Hello Scrappy People!

My name is Jessica – I was born in Germany on a snowy Christmas Day, 1991.  I’m going to become an art educator in the near future. 🙂

I first stumbled across the term scrapbooking when my sister came back from the US after having lived there for several years.  Being a memory keeper herself she brought some magazines with her…  the 2004 issues of Creating Keepsakes.  At 12 years old I found it quite interesting, but I wasn’t quite ready to begin scrapbooking back then.

Several years later I discovered a love for photography and I knew that I wanted to record the moments  of my life with more than just a simple photo album.  I asked my sister to borrow her magazines again and I still have them today.

My scrapbooking journey was a bit of a rocky road because I had no idea what my style was.  I began with making shabby chic mini albums with all sorts of fun and interactive elements, but I never added a single picture. I soon realized this wasn’t my thing.  At that time I was very close to giving up scrapbooking all together because I wasn’t happy with what I was creating.

I remembered why I wanted to scrap in the first place. I wanted to document my memories,.  So I pulled out the old magazines that my sister had given to me – and I created my first scrapbook page. This was in the Spring of 2015.  What can I say?  I felt reborn! I am so thankful for this creative hobby. It has truly changed my life and the way I look at the things that surround me.  I wander around the world cherishing every breath I take and I couldn’t be happier.  Being a part of the scrapbooking community is so amazing.  I love how we all inspire one another by sharing our work.

I guess I should say something about my style and creative process…  I most often start my layout using a white background as my canvas.  Then I begin adding color with paper, embellishments and paint.  Sometimes my brush gets the best of me and I can’t help but to paint all over!  I am so honored to be a part of the Hip Kit Club Design Team.  I hope you will find inspiration with the projects that I create with their wonderful Kits.

Have a lovely day!

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